Who we are

WIR at our christmas party in 2016

WIR is a group of students at Saarland University (UdS) helping people immigrated to Saarland. Our aim is to guide refugees, in particular those who would like to start a study at Saarland University, through the main points of resettlement, like search for jobs and accommodation and to support them in taking up/resuming their study. Although our initiative is very close to the University, we nevertheless help the refugees in all areas of life and not just in university issues.

What we do

For taking up a study in Saarland and completing it successfully, refugees with university entrance qualifications need good advice, competent support and assistance in their daily and social life.

The student initiative WIR@UdS is aiming to

  • make these refugees familiar with the Saarland University and its consultational, tuitional and cultural offer,
  • guide them through preparatory measures and the orientation phase,
  • assist them in existential stages like the search for accommodation and jobs
  • and to promote their social integration into the university community through collective activities

WIR at Infobasar in winter term 16/17

For example, we support refugees in all questions and problems in terms of the Buddy Program, an international tandem project organized by the Center for International Students. This includes affairs from “How do I get an apartment?” through “How do I apply at University?” to “How can I finance my studies?”. We also help to communicate with German administrative bodies and public authorities. In addition we launched this website to provide vital information, advice and assistance in all areas of life. All the contents are available in German, English and, thanks to the refugees, in Arabic too.

One of our first steps was to support the Zeller chair at Saarland University in organizing the lecture Programming for Engineers which was primarily designed for refugee students. Two of us started working there as tutors on a mainly voluntary basis.

In all our activities we get valuable support by the International Office and the Center for International Students of UdS.

Award Winners

We were particularly pleased when Saarland University honoured our engagement by awarding us the “BeStE-Prize”, the Award for Special Students’ Engagement 🙂

Certificate BeStE-Prize of Saarland University

Find more info in our post.

The BeSte-Prize “aims at motivating others to also engage and demonstrates the importance of this aspect of the study.”, says Liliana Habib, respondible for study quality at AStA.


We apreciate cooperations with other refugee aid communities. If you would like to network with us, feel free to drop a mail.

Join us!

We’re always happy about commited people. Check out our join in page or contact us here!

Also we’d be happy if you tell your friends and fellow students about us or if you support our work with a like or or share of our facebook page so as many as possible learn about us.