Dormitories of the Studentenwerk

The dormitories of the Studentenwerk are open to all students of Saarland University. The dormitories offer different kinds of accommodation: single apartments, rooms in shared housing (”Dublette”) and family housing, all of them furnished. There are washing machines available in the common areas. Application forms for all dormitories are only available online.
The rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis, which means there is a waiting
list for the rooms (which currently amounts about 10 months). Furthermore, the Studentenwerk offers a platform for offers of private rooms and apartments.

Private dormitories

Saarbrücken has several private dormitories, as well as lots of rooms offered by local
housing companies. Students need to apply directly with the providers for a room:

Search on the private market

If a student cannot get a room in the dormitories or live with a family member, it is necessary to look for a room or an apartment on the private market. It is important to know that many of this offers are not furnished and might not have an internet connection yet. To search for accommodation, there is a variety of websites available:

Furthermore, the local newspapers and special facebook groups regularly publish new offers:

Some tips for your search for accommodation

Kaltmiete” means the basic rent. Heating and electricity in normally not included.

Warmmiete” usually includes heating, often also the electricity.

Möbliert” means that an offer is fully furnished, whereas ”unmöbliert” is accommodation without furniture and often also without a kitchen.

Zwischenmiete” or ”Untermiete” means that you sublet a room; you make a
contract with the official tenant of the room. This is contract for a limited period of

Kaution” is the deposit and it is quite normal to pay a deposit that is equal to two months of rent. The deposit is paid back at the end of the contract.

WG” is a typical student housing form in Germany; it stands for ”Wohngemeinschaft” and means that two or more people have a private bedroom each but share the kitchen
and bathroom.

Internet: If you rent a room in a WG or the dormitories, the internet is usually already set up. If you rent a single apartment or flat, you will have to buy a connection with a local provider.

Kündigungsfrist”: This is the period of time within which you need to give notice, which means to inform your landlord about your decision to move out. Usually this period is three months – unless the contract states something different!

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