Furnishing & Shopping

Here are some infos about German supermarkets and shops where you can buy clothes, furniture and other everyday stuff. More categories like electronics and drug stores will follow.

Social Stores

Especially at the beginning you can’t afford to buy everything new. But there are some places in Saarbrücken where you can obtain second-hand furniture, tableware and clothes. They are called social stores (Sozialkaufhäuser). The assortment includes second hand clothes, every day accessoires, shoes, dishes, small kitchen utensils, toys, books and smaller hand-tools. This offer generally aims at low-income persons.[1]
Some of the stores use to change their location – heads up!

To not duplicate already existing information we link here to the web page on social stores of the city of Saarbrücken (German/English). We will translate the page on Arabic by mid of May and put it here.


In Germany there are cheap discounters (ALDI, LIDL, NETTO) and some super markets that are a bit more expensive (EDEKA, REWE). Each of them has usually an own label. Products of this special label are usually less expensive, not influencing quality.

  • ALDI
    A discounter that has a somewhat limited assortment and no products of major labels, therefore the products are cheap.
  • LIDL & Netto
    Have a quite larger assortment than ALDI and also offer products of major labels (e.g. Nestlé, Milka, Bauer, …) that are slightly more expensive.
    Own label REWE: JA! (YES, it is called like that)
    Own label EDEKA: Gut & Günstig
    Are larger supermarkets and provide a larger assortment than discounters and also more products that are more expensive.
    You pay up to about two times more than at ALDI or LIDL.
  • Kaufland, Real, Globus
    The really big markets

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