Free Legal Advice at the Youth Club

After a great start in December, DAJC and Refugee Law Clinic Saaarbrücken e.V. (RLCS) are now looking forward to continue their cooperation and in doing so to provide free legal advice.

This cooperation is meant to be a new contact point for migrants who look for legal advice. It was initiated by the Association for the Promotion and Integration of Young People with a Migration Background and their Families e.V., which acts as provider of the DAJC.

You can find the DAJC at Nauwieser Viertel, Johannisstraße 13, 66111 Saarbrücken. In addition to the Youth Club itself, the building also houses a Tutoring Group for Pupils und the Peperona Project for Girls. English descriptions of these can be found in DAJC flyer at

The legal advice sessions by RLCS are planned to be hold on a regularly at DAJC. This sessions primilarly aim at refugees and asylum seekers, but also anyone who is in need of legal advice in respect to aliens law. Volunteer translators ensure a smooth communication.

The volunteer consultans of RLCS give their best to help you with any kind of out-of-court affairs, however, they do not replace regular lawyers.