The Buddy Program

The buddy program is an international tandem organized by the Center for International Students (CIS). After registration, CIS assigns you to a UdS student who becomes your buddy. And you become his buddy. Your buddy is your contact for any questions. He can familiarize you with the university’s daily routine, help you getting along with public authorities and even perhaps explain you some lesson content you didn’t get because of difficulties with the German language. If both of you want to, you also can meet in your leisure time, e.g. at one of the CIS-Treffs mentioned some sections below.
The tandem is usually limited to the duration of one semester. Keep in mind that
your buddy is a regular student with all the obligations associated with a study. So
don’t mind if they’re not immediately on the spot.

Here you can find applications for the buddy program (for both, international and
UdS students) as well as a calender of CIS events.