uni-assist Workshops!!

IMPORTANT! We have good news for you!!

The Welcome Center of Saarland University is offering workshops on applying for a study place via uni-assist. So if you wish to apply at the University of Saarland for the next semester, then this is the perfect chance for you! At the workshop you will be guided step by step through the whole application process and get to prepare your own study application, since there are computers available. You can find answers to any questions regarding the application process and thus avoid any mistakes 😉

WHEN: 13th & 20th December, at 14.oo – 17.oo p.m.
WHERE: Uni Saar, Building B4.1, room 1.03 (CIP-Pool)
HOW: please write an email to welcome(at)io.uni-saarland.de in order to apply for the workshop. Participation is free of charge!


The uni-assist workshop focuses only on the application process regarding the uni-assist procedural rules and requirements. Thus general questions regarding the study opportunities in Saarland cannot be addressed. Find out more about the study options at the University of Saarland at www.uni-saarland.de/en/studies/refugee-students/start.html